i'll be dickson dee and me __30'37"  (35MB)

performance at ZDB, Lisbon, Portugal
May 9th 2007

    Dickson Dee and i met each other’s work without having met personally. We decided he would come to Lisbon for us to play together. However, in the last minute he had to cancel part of his European tour, including the work with me. It became my mission to transform this accident into poetry.
    This show is a musical theatre; i unfold myself in two. From the sound material Dickson had provided me, i’ve selected that which formally and stylistically most contrasts with mine. No concessions to comfort.  
    These sounds are processed and mixed via MIDI, with pressure and rotation sensors. In dialogue with zither, sampler, modular synth and light percussion instrument.


CLICK HERE to see the real-timings of video during the performance