Using any paint program capable of saving .GIF's, it is quite easy to create daily campaign files and upload them to your own web server. If you are really ambitious, you can even create new campaigns for anywhere in the world.

Please let me know if you make your own campaign files, or would like to make new campaigns for anywhere in the world.  I'll link to them from the main TGG site!

Creating Daily campaign files for Iraq Expansion Pack:

Step 1. Download this small zip file and unpack it, allowing it to create the directory structure.

    Your folder should look something like this:

Step 2. Open the files called template.gif and munition.gif  in your paint program.

template.gif is the basic map of iraq showing major cities. this becomes the daily campaign file.

Template.gif is a 512x512 pixel file. Each pixel in this file maps to a location on the 3d game board. If you are insane about accuracy, you can save your created day files in this resolution and TGG will read them. However, this is hardly necessary. Personally, I work with the file at full size, with my paintbrush size set to 16 pixels.  When my day file is complete, I resize the file to 32x32 pixels, then save the file according to this naming convention: day1.gif, day2.gif, day3.gif etc.. A 16 pixel paintbrush in a 512x512 image is reduced to a single pixel when resized to 32x32 pixels.

munition.gif is the palette used to identify munitions in the great game. use the "eyedropper" (color select) tool to select a color into your paintbrush, or use the gif's native palette. TGG will only recognize the colors included in the munitions.gif file, so be quite sure you are using only those color values when you make your files.

The images below clearly show how to make campaign dayfiles in PaintShop Pro, a readily available shareware paint program.

1. Select a color from the munitions palette


2. Set the paintbrush pixel size to 16,  and "paint" the munitions. The green color is for identification only, you can paint right over it.


3. When finished, resize the image 32x32 pixels


This is the actual image 

  4. This is the image zoomed 8 to 1. Final adjustments can be made with the paintbrush,  set to one pixel.


5. Save the image using the day#.gif convention.

By all means, experiment with different methods for creating day files. Keep in mind, the more pixels, the more geometry, the slower the performance. That's why I recommend saving in 32x32 pixel format.

Thats It! make sure all the files are in the same folder as the tgg_idx.class. Upload the entire folder, including subfolders, to a folder on your web server, link to tgg_iep.html and your daily campaign files will play.  You can also run it off-line by simply opening tgg_iep.html.  Feel free to modify the html files to present The Great Game any way you like.