Cartesian Theatre, 1997

Fabric, plants, oil paint, Sculpy, Plexiglas. 

12"h x 14"w x 12"d


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Cartesian Theatre,  1997 photograph of the finished diorama. Courtesy Deutsche Bank.
Cartesian Theatre is a diorama installed at the Deutsche Bank headquarters in New York. Artists were invited to create dioramas that were installed in a construction barrier wall during the renovation of the Deutsche Bank building.  The exhibiton titled World Views, was curated by Liz Christensen and organized through Creative Time,  a New York based arts organization. Cartesian Theater was later selected to be permanently installed in the Deutsche Bank   offices.
wvs_view.jpg (15436 bytes)

Photograph of the barrier wall installation. Courtesy Creative Time


The proposal was submitted as a dye-sub print, rendered in Caligari TrueSpace,  a three dimensional modeling and rendering software.

The title Cartesian Theatre was inspired by the proposal process.   3d modelers use the principles and mathematics of Cartesian coordinate systems. Dioramas are miniature theatres.

dboxdigital.jpg (63186 bytes)
TrueSpace rendering of the model for Deutsche Bank.
Press Coverage:

From Art & Antiques, December, 1997.

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