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[1] Olia Lialina has written an interesting article about which was published on both the Rhizome and nettime mailinglists. You can find it at:

[2] Robert Adrian calls it Telecommunication Art, or TCom Art. The term with the dot is now often used for all kinds of online and offline net art exhibitions.

[3] The CU See Me performances he described are actually an example of still rather complex network use.

[4] Tilman Baumgärtel, journalist for both off and online publications, wrote a long article on Telepolis that is a brave attempt to provide a survey of the entire history of net art. It illustrates the depth of the history we are talking about here. The article is only available in German:

[*] In online criticism, jodi's work is occasionally referred to as "nothing more" than just another form of collage art and its new and unique qualities are denied.

[5] This performance was part of the conference "Recycling The Future," organized by ORF Kunstradio, December 1997. It was called: "cyber knowledge for real people"

[6] "Digital Rain" is an example of an early jodi work that had to adapt to new generations of web browers:

[7] for example Rachel Baker or 'Trina Mould'; or the many obvious and less obviously recognizable pranks which use an ever-widening variety of media appearances of all kinds of companies, organizations, festivals, and personalities.

Vuk Cosic
" per se"

look in nettime archive for "funding for the arts" discussion:

homework project

Mr. Net.Art:

Robert Adrian

Norman White (a REAL TCom art pioneer, says Robert Adrian)



Olia Lialina
"Agatha appears"
" diary"


Recycling The Future:

Strange but good site full of net art links (on a Peruvian server)




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