DESCRIPTION:The  Great Game is a Java applet consisting of a realtime 3d terrain map of the Afghanistan region, depicting munitions, aircraft, targets, and troop movements for each day of the conflict.  The Artist culls  by hand the daily data from Department of Defense press briefings.  Available information regarding  type, quantity, and location of munitions and strikes are represented by  play pieces created by the Artist from military diagrams.  The Artist created the game board from raw ascii elevation data, also supplied by the military.  Every 60 seconds a new day is downloaded and displayed on the map, the previous day's  play pieces are cleared from the board and a new day commences.

HOW TO PLAY:   Dragging the mouse left and right over the board rotates the board.  Dragging the mouse up and down over the board zooms in and out.  Clicking on the board centers that point in the screen.

TECHINICAL CONDITIONS: Currently there are issues with Macintosh OS 9 and older, though OS-X should not be a problem.  When the scene is loaded, keep moving around or the Java threads get sleepy and you miss updates.