John Klima
EARTH, Discrete Terrains

Based on the EARTH dataset, individual terrain sections are printed with the 3d Systems solid object printer.  These rapid prototyping prints then become the molds for archival plaster casts. The casts then become a projection surface for digital data from the specific locations.  Using only a single 35mm slide projector, "Discrete Terrains" are the absolute simplest technological reduction of the "EARTH" and "Terrain Machine" projects. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

output from 3d Systems  solid object printer, a negative printout which becomes the mold for a  single plaster cast.

photos by Raphael Perret, courtesy Postmasters Gallery
Installation view


Installation view


Installation view


Patagonia, Argentina.


Close-up of Patagonia, Argentina.


Close-up of Nosara, Costa Rica, with Landsat-7 satellite projection.


Mount Everest.


Close-up of Mount Everest.


The coast of Columbia.


Africa, closest landmass to 0 latitude, 0 longitude.