New approach to music recording Combining the latest technologies with vintage microphones and "scratch built" audio processors, in an open control room setting
enables the creation of music first and foremost
Analogue Sound Recording and Mastering One of the very few studios in the world who actively maintain "old school" analogue gear, including tape recorders, valve compressors, beta cam decks, and DAT.
Analogue Recording at is finest
Professional quality sound Our highly experience staff delivers clean, quality sound, with individual specialists for acoustic, electric/electronic, percussion, and voice recording needs.
Working to deliver the maximum quality in sound.

We currently have four studios, each with its own unique sound characteristics, and two post-production facilities. For video post-production we have a room dedicated to a suite of tools used for voice-over and subtitling. For recording,"Cabo" is an intimate studio/control room suite we use for vocal, drum, and saxophone isolation, duos, and instrument overdubbing. It is also the primary studio we use for film/video overdubbing and video synchronization, for several major broadcasting companies. "Barco" is an ultra silent room excellent for live isolation/separation of even the loudest rock bands. "Grande," equipped with an upright piano is preferred by our jazz clients, while "Nova," our most "bouncy" room, is excellent for synths and electronics.


At Scratchbuilt Studios we like to work close with the artists. The artistic process is more likely to succeed under the supervision of an qualified engineer


Visit us and find the most vintage analog microphones, mixers, cabinets effects and audio processing.

Our Vision

Vintage Analogue
ScratchBuilt studios is a completely unique recording space in Lisbon, Portugal, with well over 50 years combined experience in the recording industry. Integrating both the latest technologies as well as classic, and antique recording equipment, ScratchBuilt crafts a distinct sound from the ground up, using materials and techniques rarely seen today. At ScratchBuilt, if you are shopping for a studio, we will gladly do a test set up free of charge. We believe that the time spent in the initial session is an investment on both our parts, and that you need to be totally comfortable before "the clock starts ticking." This way, we make music, not just recordings.


Audio Recording
Mixing and Mastering professional solutions

Audio overdubbing
Voice Over Recording, Sound Design, On-Location Recording

Audio post-production
Music, Film, and Video, Video Subtitling

Our team

John Klima

Chief Engeneer, founder

Thomas Kahrel

Chief Procurement Officer (CPO), co-founder

Nuno MorĂ£o

Senior Engeneer

Antonio "Bento" Palma

Sugar Daddy